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Inquire Within: Hiring Zx23 Program Manager

Looking for a one-of-a-kind opportunity to assist Virginia Community College’s dramatically scale open educational resources across the state? Want to work for Lumen Learning, in my opinion one of the most interesting new technology start-ups? Are you lovable, flexible, and committed to the success of community college students? If so, take a look at the description for the Zx23 Program Manager below.

The Zx23 project Program Manager (Program Manager) is a critical position in helping Virginia successfully meet the ambitious goal of offering a zero-textbook-cost degree (“Z degree”) program at all 23 of its community colleges. Employed by Lumen Learning but working exclusively on the Virginia Community College System’s (VCCS) Zx23 project, the Program Manager will serve as a connection between the innovative work in Virginia and the broad resources and experiences of Lumen and its other clients and partners. The position will start begin immediately, through June 30, 2016, with possible ongoing opportunity for employment with Lumen with continuing focus in Virginia or beyond.

There has not been an open education effort on the scale of the Zx23 project before and the Program Manager position will be critical to the project‘s overall success. Dedicated to defining, guiding, and facilitating a program that has the potential to create positive change across the Commonwealth of Virginia, as well as serve as a model for similar efforts around the world, this position will require creativity, flexibility, risk-taking, and critical analysis in order to be successful. The Program Manager is often the initial emissary of openness and of new teaching and learning practices and will be expected to constantly seed and nurture positive change.

To see the original job description or to apply, click on the following link:

Job openings at the VCCS


There are two new job openings here at the VCCS System Office for anyone who wants to work where the real action is. I have posted excerpts from the position descriptions below, but click on the links for all the exciting details .Please feel free to forward the link to anyone you think may be interested in working for the VCCS.

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Technology Services Administration

The position will provide effective and strategic leadership, administration and support for all activities associated with the administrative functions required to maintain and operate a complex enterprise technology infrastructure. This includes overall responsibility for departmental decisions and directing activities for information security, project management, advanced technology, technology acquisition services, technology support services and more. Work will focus on the strategic nature of technology planning and administration, and the AVC will be responsible for developing and nurturing a long-term vision that positions administrative technology services as a key factor in enhancing the excellent customer service and planning provided for all of Information Technology Services. <more>

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enterprise Services Operations

The AVC will provide vision and strategic direction for long range planning of the enterprise systems, and is responsible for the overall architecture, design, deployment, utilization and enhancement of the systems and services. This includes overall responsibility for departmental decisions and directing activities for application support, enterprise engineering, network support, application integrations, and more. Work will focus on the achievement of objectives through the effective use of technology, and focuses on the human, organizational and value stream aspects of business processes and their transformation. <more>

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