The VPT MathSite is a new website that provides users with free, supplemental online resources that help prepare them for the Virginia Placement Test-Math. The VPT Mathsite wasVPT Math Site developed with funds from a DOL TAACCCT grant to support, among other initiatives, the VCCS’s Developmental Math redesign efforts. A group of talented VCCS Math faculty selected high quality online resources aligned to the math assessment and Blue Ridge Community College Instructional Designer Greg Cook designed and developed the supporting website and introductory video found on the site’s homepage. The short video features VCCS students explaining the importance of preparing for the VPT (spoiler: to save time AND money).

The VPT MathSite provides sample math problems and links to online resources that correspond to each sub-unit of Units 0-3 of the VPT-Math. All of the recommended online resources are free, and include popular sites such as the Khan Academy, National Repository of Online Courses (NROC) Developmental Math course, and College testing centers, local high schools, adult education programs, and other interested educational institutions are encouraged to link to the VPT MathSite and share the site’s resources with any student who may need additional college math preparation or remediation.

The URL for the VPT MathSite is