Congratulations to the VCCS colleges selected to participate in the Zx23 Project. Each college will receive grant funds to support faculty and staff in building a Z-Degree at their respective institutions. You can click on the college abbreviation in the first column to see additional application details.

See the Zx23 Project page for news and updates on grantees and other aspects of this groundbreaking project.

There is still a chance for a few additional colleges to participate in the Zx23 Project. Contact Richard Sebastian at for details.

College First Last Type of credential Type of program Grant
NVCC Dr. Braddlee Associate degree Liberal Arts $15000
VWCC Elizabeth Wilmer Associate degree General Studies $15000
PVCC John Donnelly Associate degree General Studies $14760
TNCC Patrick Tompkins Associate degree Social Science $15000
TCC Daniel DeMarte Associate degree Administration of Justice $15000
GCC Ann Woolford Associate degree General Studies $14855
CVCC William Sandidge Associate degree General Studies and Business Administration $15000
NRCC Pat Huber Associate degree General Studies $15000
WCC Lorri Huffard Associate degree Science, Specialization in Mathematics $15000
PDCCC Tara Atkins-Brady Credential* Certificate in General Education $14100
JTCC Leonda Keniston Associate degree General Studies $15000
JSRCC Jane Rosecrans Associate degree Social Sciences $14912
MECC Vickie Ratliff Associate degree Management $15000