openVA_logoOpenVA has gone viral, with the first documented outbreak happening this Saturday from 10am-2pm on the William & Mary campus in Williamsburg, VA. There are still a few open spots left if you want to come. You can find the link to register and other important information on the OpenVA site,

William & Mary graduate student Jamison Miller caught the OpenVA  bug during last year’s  summit at Tidewater Community College and brought it back with him to the W&M campus, where it spread apparently.  Those infected have been manifesting symptoms like a newfound interest in openness and a disregard for weekend plans. It’s the kind of virus that I’d like to see become a pandemic. OK, OK, end of my extended metaphor(or simile?).

I am excited to be moderating the opening panel, Intro to OER, especially since I didn’t think I was going to be able to make it to OpenVA 2.1 at all. However, I think this event is a significant development in the somewhat grassroots growth of OpenVA and, as I didn’t want to miss it, made room in my schedule. Besides, it’s pretty easy to reschedule my Zhumba® workout.

Visit the OpenVA website to see the full agenda and the roster of speakers.