I just returned from a weeklong professional development program and one of the many things I took away from the experience (a more substantial post about the program can be found here) is that, for a blog like this one to succeed in reaching an audience, I need to post more. Nix that. Not just more. I need to post every day.

I know this blog is of value to me, simply for forcing me to reflect on the day-to-day challenges, trends, and happening regarding educational technology at the VCCS and beyond, so I am going to( try to) commit to a daily blog post. So, there’s that. Also,  if you find this site of value, then there is one simple thing you can do to motivate me to post more and build an audience for this blog: subscribe. When you subscribe, you receive an email with the subject of the post and a link to the full post. It is a handy way to be informed of new content without having to remember to visit.

Subscribing is easy: just scroll down the column on the right. Right below Events is a Subscribe box where you can enter the email address where you want notifications of new blog posts to be sent.