The OpenEd conference is hands down the premier national conference on Open Educational Resources. Now in its 11th year, the conference traditionally alternates between a location in Utah, its state of origin, and an international location, such as China (2008) or Vancouver, Canada (2012). As I was leaving Park City, Utah after the 2013 Open Ed Conference, the rumor was that the 2014 conference would be located in either Brazil or New Zealand.

No offense to either Brazil or New Zealand, but I am relieved and excited that David Wiley and the conference organizers decided instead to host the conference right here in our backyard, in Arlington, VA. Relieved because, as much as I would love to travel to either of the alternate international locations, there is little doubt the state would pay my way. Excited because having the conference in Virginia is an acknowledgement of the Commonwealth’s national role in OER development–especially the VCCS’s leading role in VA–and will allow VCCS faculty and staff to highlight their cutting edge work on such an important stage.

With that said, the call for papers for OpenEd 2014 is now open. Please share this information with your college colleagues, especially those who are currently involved in or interested in being involved in open educational resources. With this conference not just in the same timezone but right down (or up?) the road, it is a great opportunity for VCCS faculty to learn from the many other OER projects around the world.

Follow this link  to submit a proposal: