Here is a link to an op-ed piece written by Glenn DuBois, Chancellor of the Virginia Community College System, published in the Richmond Times-Dispatch on his challenge to have a college graduate in every Virginia home by 2025. The Chancellor first issued this challenge to educational leaders at the 2013 Chancellor’s Retreat in Richmond this past August. Here is an excerpt:

Having a college graduate in every Virginia home would give future Virginia governors a unique advantage on foreign trade trips. Existing employers would benefit from convenient access to educated and trained talent. Moreover, higher education would no longer be a mystery to any Virginia child because she or he would grow up sharing a home with a college graduate.

It took America less than eight years to meet President John Kennedy’s challenge to send a man half-a-million miles to the moon and return him safely to Earth. Is it too much to think that over the next 12 years we cannot convince every Virginia family to travel 30 minutes or less to their nearest community college campus and earn a postsecondary credential?

You can read the whole thing here: