Yesterday  I was given yet another opportunity to moderate another technology-related panel for VCCS’s Chancellor’s Annual Retreat. Last year, David Wiley, Jim Groom, Nicole Allen, and Mirta Martin joined a panel to discuss OER. That single event helped accelerate the VCCS’s OER efforts, with Tidewater Community College Academic Vice President Dr. Daniel DeMarte launching the Open@TCC textbook zero project after attending the panel, and the Chancellor’s OER Adoption Grant launching soon after. Tidewater will offer a zero-textbook-cost Associates degree in Business Administration and twelve colleges will offer OER sections of their highest enrollment courses this fall, a mere one year later.

This year the discussion was less focused as last year’s OER topic,  but is just as timely. The panel, following the Mind the Gap theme of the Retreat, was titled Clicking, Swiping, and Commenting Away the Academy’s Traditions Gap. Ed-tech blogger, author,  and journalist Audrey Watters, Web 2.0 Labs Director Steve Hargadon, and Gardner Campbell, VCU’s new vice Provost of Learning, Innovation, engaged in a lively, wide-ranging discussion on the many and often contradictory aspects of disruptive technology, as well as the mission of post-secondary education.

Tuesday’s afternoon panel was informally live-streamed and recorded. You can view the recorded session here. Unfortunately, due to the on-the-fly streaming set-up (we used Google Hangouts on Air with a Logitech Conference Cam and Yeti table mic) the audio was a bit spotty, and dropped out for a bit.  We also weren’t able to effectively stream the panelists slide decks and video clips. However, something’s  better than nothing, right? Right?

The panel will be repeated as best it can today at 2:3oPM EST. It will be livestreamed as well, hopefully with better results , at:

Retreat Panelists

watters Journalist, blogger, and author Audrey Watters
Hack Education
hargadon WEb 2.0 Labs Director, Steve Hargadon.
Web 2.0 Labs
gardner VCU’s Vice Provost of Learning, Innovation, and Student Success, Gardner Campbell
Gardner’s Blog, Gardner Writes: