Autodesk, the maker of a number of popular 3D design software titles, just announced that the company has adopted Creative Commons licensing for its learning materials, opening up over 20,000 pages of documentation, 70 videos, and 140 asset files for reuse, redistribution, revision, and remixing. The newly licensed materials include online help documentation for many Autodesk products, including embedded images and movies, a range of video-based learning content, such as the video tutorials on the Autodesk YouTube Learning Channels and associated iTunes podcasts,  and downloadable 3D assets, digital footage, and other files. Autodesk also announced on the AREA site that more openly licensed resources will be released in the future.

Autodesk® takes great pride in offering high-quality resources that support the pursuit of lifelong learning, supplement classroom materials, and contribute to digital community development. Many of these great resources are now licensed to you under Creative Commons because we believe that learning should be free, open, and shared widely around the world! Look for the Creative Commons tags in our online help, learning channel movies, podcasts, support articles and downloadable materials. More content to come soon…

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