Just saw that a sample of a video I made for the band One Ring Zero has been posted to their site. Check it out. The one on the right, called The Airplane.


ORZ are originally from Richmond. I knew Mike through my friend John, who played guitar for them. I didn’t really know Josh. The two moved to Brooklyn a few years ago and have steadily built a reputation for themselves playing quirky tunes on homemade or discontinued instruments.

I really liked the idea for their video project–basically an open call for videos open to everyone. That is a pretty brave move, but also shrewd one, especially if they get some well-made videos out of it. For nuttin’. I know I worked my ass off on mine.

I only found out about the project by accident, when I was trying to find sample tunes for a friend to listen to. It was a great experience, and has gotten me interested in making films again. Once I shake off the yoke of academia, that is.