There are a few icy patches of snow left in the yard. I doubt they will be around much longer if it continues to warm up like it did today. Some daffodils out back, fed up with the never-ending winter, have gone against protocol and burst out through the cold ground, like punk daisies. I take it as a sign of hope that one day soon I will be able open the windows of my dusty soul and let some fresh air in.

It is Spring Break, and I am fasting. Not because I want to. The fast over Christmas was by choice, and quite a fine experience. It cleansed my juices, cleared my head and put a spring in my step. This fast is for a little procedure I am having tomorrow morning, necessary because of an earlier unsuccessful procedure last Friday. I won’t go into the dirty details, except to say that it is in my Ass & Balls Area, and that it doesn’t involve my balls. Get the picture?

Not the best way to start off my break. Hopefully things will improve after tomorrow, once I shake off the sedatives and gorge myself on a meal of doughnuts, fish tacos and Brunswick stew–you see, I have to prime my system for the culinary delights of NYC. E and I are heading up on the Fuckface Express this Thursday. It’ll be exciting. I haven’t been there in several years, and that trip was super short–just a fast blast up I-95 to see my friend M. in Brooklyn.

This time we are meeting E.’s sister and bro-in-law there. They are flying in from Seattle for a last hurrah before their next Chinese take-out order includes a little girl. Wow, I was trying to sound clever there, but I think I ended up sounding clumsy and perhaps offensive.

Better watch out for the Skin Deep. I am going to the other room now to faint.