There is this late night talk show whose guests are recently deceased people that the studio audience get to make fun of. The show is on very late, at no particular hour. It just kind of fades on just as you are about to drift off to sleep. One by one, audience members come to a microphone and insult or criticize the dead guests, blaming them for this or that, or just generally venting. Most of the guests just sit there and take it. Since they are no longer Among the Living, they are fair game. They look so sad, as if they haven’t a friend in the world. Sometimes though, some of the angrier guests, the ones snatched away too soon, or the victims of crime or freak accidents, will defiantly face down the taunting audience with their hollow eyes and black mouths. It is chilling, and though no one really wants it, it’s not why they watch, everyone watching gets a taste of the true power of the dead.

Cut to commericial.