T: “Men CAN, under certain conditions, produce breast milk. ”
W: “No. Really? No. Who told you that?”
T: “I read it.”
W: “Are you talking about nursing? About like, making baby milk?”
T: “Probably not that much at first.”
W: “Whaddya mean ‘at first’?”
T: “There would have to be some suckling..”
W: “Fuck. Suckling?”
T: “Dry suckling, to stimulate milk production.”
W: “Fuck this. I don’t think so.”
T: “It’s true. Honest to god. I read it. On the Internet. And saw it on Dateline.”
W: “How’d the fuck they find out?”
T: “Some tribe. African, or some other. They’ve done it for years. I find it heartening news.”
W: ” It ain’t right…”
T: “Heartening to know, you know, that I, all by myself, could care for a newborn…”
W: “I don’t think so”
T: “Feed another life, if I had to.”
W: “Please. Stop. And don’t go telling Cindy this.”
T: “You’re worried I’ll tell Cindy?”
W: “Just don’t. Please.”
T: “Alright, but she’s gonna find out sometime.”