Maybe I am getting sick. For over a week now, the girl who sits behind me in Spanish class has been hacking and coughing and blowing her nose. And the day before yesterday, I suddenly became paranoid on the metro when it seemed that everyone in my car was hackng and coughing. I covered my mouth and prayed it wasn´t an outbreak of TB, or something worse. Anyway, for the last two nights I have passed out in my bed, fully clothed, around 10 or 11. It is a bit disconcerting, but perhaps my body is recalibrating. I dunno.

I bought tickets for Madrid this morning at the Sants station here in town. It was chaotic, with so many tourists arriving and so many Spanairds departing. The tickets are selling out fast, and I was unable to tickets for the day I wanted. Sold out. But there were two beds left on the overnight train on the next night, so I grabbed those.

So three nights in BCN with Elaine, and perhaps the Thorson family and, perhaps, Sara and Rafa from Sevilla. It will be good to turn myself over to afterhours Barcelona, checking out some of the music and late night booty-shaking that I have neglected these past few weeks. If, that is, everyone else is up for it. I don´t know of E. ever turning down an opportunity to get her groove on.

After a few days in Madrid, the rest of the trip is up in the air.