There was this guy on the television last night–an inarticulate, profoundly incurious man–who happens to be, with the help of a single vote from one of his dad’s friends on the Supreme Court–the president of what they used to call The Free World. He is the leader of our country. He is in charge of the so-called war on terrorism.

Even with his perfectly authentic and definitely not “honorary” MBA from Yale, I wouldn’t hire this guy to flip burgers. He could probably do a good job, if he showed up. He obviously couldn’t telemarket, since he can’t seem to speak good ‘tall. Although he sold the American people the Iraq war, some how that wouldn’t transfer to, say, a shoe store. “You need these shoes because you need them. They are your size, therefore you should buy them. I have information from valid sources that says if you don’t buy these shoes, bad things will happen. Those other brown shoes are bad. These white shoes are good.”

I guess he has to be president, because he isn’t qualified to do anything else.

I made myself listen to him, although it was difficult. Despite this nation’s desperate need for assurance, and the growing concern of many Americans that the situation in Iraq is spiraling out of control, The Guy on TV offered only platitudes. Surely his team–meaning Karl Rove, the guy called the President’s Brain (what an insult) and former linebacker and stay-at-home mom ,Karen Hughes–anticipated many of the reporter’s question, yet Bush seemed unprepared for most of them. Most disturbing was the question of who, exactly, we hand over the keys to Iraq in July ( do you need keys to a house where there are no doors and every window is broken?). This is going to take place just two months from now.

The Guy on TV didn’t know. And he doesn’t seem to be concerned ‘tall that he doesn’t know.