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Her Pooch

I had a dream that Alan Alda was playing Snoop Dogg in music video. He was sitting in the oversized wingback chair with a powdered wig on, doing this rap about “pinching the ladies.” Then Cedric the Entertainer was there, in extreme close-up, making a pinching motion with his sausage-like fingers, and raps the line, “Sometimes you gotta pinch her pooch.”

The most surprising thing about the dream was how good a rapper Alan Alda was.

I am feeling poorly this morning–I have a cold probably brought on by stress–and voice is scratchy and has dropped an octave or two. Down here in the lower register, I have been able to sing Dr. Hook’s “Cover of the Rolling Stone,” and Bob Dylan’s “Lay Lady Lay.”

‘I gotta freaky ol’ lady/ her name’s Cocaine Katie/She embroiders on my jeans’

I am a pair of ragged claws, scuttling, scuttling, scuttling…

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  1. riverflip

    tee hee hee

    And that damn eternal footman will NOT stop that snickering. It freaks me out!

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