Sleet on the way home tonight, and the bitter wind cut right through my thin jacket as I shuffled off the bus and walked along the slick bricks of the downtown mall. I popped into the CVS for coffee filters (I used a napkin this morning, which wasn’t porous enough, and the coffee absorbed into the napkin instead of percolating into the coffee pot and I had to use a fork to poke holes in it but then all the grounds filtered down too) and an umbrella. I have never actually owned an umbrella. I am not sure why. I guess I forget about them until I am in need of one, but by then it is too late. When I lived in PDX it seemed uncool to own an umbrella. Rain was a fact of life, as common as oxygen, and umbrellas seemed silly and ineffective. You’re going to get wet. Live with it. And purchase some Gore-tex.

I rallied back from my earlier banana pudding defeat, and made a schwumptious batch of BP last night. Can’t you just taste it. Wafers. Nanners. Puddddddd-ding–creamy, pudddddddiiiiinnnngg. Everyone is invited over for some. Just call first.

I was up early today–5 a.m.–early enough to I could slop the dawgs, do some crunches, meditate and shower before Echol picked me up for yoga class. it was the first class, and it was good to do some stretching. I had a little buzz after an hour–a good sign.

It is 8 p.m. now and I feel myself fading. I will have to refuel with some more pudding.