I was wearing purple sweat pants that I had found in a laundromat. I was taking a yoga class. Pat D. was the instructor, oddly enough–I bet she can’t even touch her toes. Echol was there, and everyone knew him, which surprised me. The room was cavernous, and there was very little light. It was before dawn. Most of the other members of the class, besides Echol, were refugees from Dean’s disintegrating campaign. They were all standing despondently in the back of the room, preoccupied with their cups of coffee. Then I was flying around the room on a log. It was a magic log. Very comfortable. There was a natural, saddle-like groove in the wood that provided great support and maximum maneuverability. The thing turned on a dime. I was having so much fun I didn’t want to wake up. Then the log became a dolphin (wearing purple sweat pants riding a dolphin–I must’ve been imagining myself as Rainbow Brite) which then became a bowler hat.

Renee Magritte. Smell my feet.

Ahh, my feet. I am awake now (I think) and my feet are cold. The gas heater in my office ticks and whooshes, and the window panes steam up, but there is a pocket of cold air here beneath my desk where the heat does not reach. Before you know it, that chill in my feet will migrate up to my spine and–bam!–I will be paralyzed. I must avoid that at all costs. I must return to a liquid state. Not financially. Materially. I am all fucked up on cognac. Eggs and cognac and greed. I am getting dizzy, but it is a good kind of dizzy. The Dizzy Gillespie kind–big puffed out cheeks and ear-splitting high notes. My head does a blues scale.
My seminar class is canceled because my professor is in Bermuda for a technology conference. It should be illegal for these pasty-skinned geeks to go anywhere near the tropics. It is just a wasted experience. If he were to don swim trunks and wander out on the beach (I am only postulating this–it would never happen) there would surely be some kind of natural cataclysm. The laws of Nature would be thrown out of whack and gravity would fail and we would all be struggling for breath and fighting off locusts. So, I have a somewhat leisurely morning to contemplate my dreams and to begin planning my trip to Spain. I am going to go for a swim around noonish, and then head to my film workshop at 4. I have already screwed around with the digital animation program we are going to use and am totally hooked. I have made a little 3D doughnut- shape fly around a grid. When I get really good, I will be able to make a dozen real doughnuts fly right into my mouth.