Sheez, man–it ain’t even 10 yet and already I am jacked up on ‘ludes. My strength is incomparable. I can bend steel. I can feel that carrot muffin writhing around in my stomach, struggling like a rat in a python’s gullet. I pounced on that mofo first thing–it didn’t even know what hit it. No butter. Nope. I didn’t even pause to admire the dark umber of its rounded top. I bit into it savagely and then shoved the whole thing in.

I am going to destroy the view out of my window. It is hateful. All of those sunrises and sunsets, strutting up and down like they’re something. And those self-important mountains, saying “Look at me! Look at me!” Jeez. You’d think I’d never seen a mountain or a sunrise before. Every goddamn day. It gets tiresome–the same old things of beauty.

I am having hip replacement surgery today.