I feel like all I need is one good night at a karaoke bar and I’ll be fine. Not some College Night karaoke bar, but one that attracts those painfully lonely denizens who practice their special song in the shower all week and wear their nice boots, and spangles, just in case. I want to tackle “Squeezebox” or “Aqualung.” God, I would feel alive again if I could get up on stage, bare chested and weeping, and belt out “Gold Dust Woman” or “Take It to the Limit”.

Today was my busy day. Three classes, all day, from 9:30 am until 7pm. Afterwards, my seminar class hiked over to Lambeth Hall for pizza with a departing faculty member and technology luminary from Iowa. Ryan gave me a ride home, with Echol in the back seat still laughing/fuming that I programmed his browser’s search engine to find only Finnish web pages. Despite my doubts about it, I am meeting with my advisor tomorrow to discuss, among other things, the PhD program. But, I think I may want to flee this place ASAP and have some REAL fun.