I got some fecal matter in my eye. That’s why this redness. It must’ve been the Mexican on the bus. I got his fecal matter on me. Don’t say that ain’t it. Don’t defend him. He should of minded his own business, kept his goddamn dirty hands to himself. Kept outta my things. Stopped rooting around in my knapsack and touching my belongings I got in there. My notes. My Kleenex. My lunch spoon. My extra pair of gloves. He touched something that I touched and now my eye is infected and red and I have to explain to folks that it was caused by getting fecal matter in my eye.

The doctor will help me. He cares for me. He writes my problem on a piece of paper below my name. It is good to know your problem.

The tune tonight is “Godforsaken Ladies.” Jay knows all the words, and plays the notes on the living room piano. I know it from somewhere. A movie I think. A movie about a spaghetti maker that travels back in time to invent sauce so it will exist in time to be put on his spaghetti. They played the song at the end as all of the characters emerged from a big pile of spaghetti, having won the battle in the movie. The spaghetti was so delicious they all stayed in the pile and ate until they fell asleep. It was impossible not to be so hungry after seeing that.

I am going to keep on going until then. I am going to know all the tunes for tomorrow night