I feel that the Wretches in Charge would be pleased to know that some people believe they can change the world and end suffering by simply sitting upright, in a crosslegged position, and following the strange delusional circuits of their minds. Ho ho ho. While we follow our breath and try to penetrate into our deeper selves, they run rampant and work overtime to ruin what little is left of this beautiful world.

I imagine that this is a crisis of faith, or at least as close as a Buddhist can come to having a crisis of faith. My real impulse is to destroy the ugly little reality they are forcing down our throats. Refuse it. Fight it. Raise my fist against it.

Impulse. Reaction. Attachment. Delusion. Destruction. Ka-pow.

I guess it is all the same vicious cycle. I am not wise at all, and it has taken me these four years of meditation to take the reins and control my anxities and impulses; but it is still hard for me to see that my knotty anger is the same as their Wanton Greed and Hate. But it is.

Let the missiles fly, I suppose. As much power as they have, and as ignorant as they are, the damage they do cannot alter the lasting, fundamental truths of the universe. Or at least, this is what I tell myself, so I can get up in the morning, make my lunch, do the crossword puzzle. But–I wince as I write this–I don’t think I really believe it. Has the unnecessary suffering of others slackened one bit, over the eons? No. Greed, hate and delusion may be responsible, but why should I believe that sitting on a fat little cushion will be of any help at all?